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For over 30 years, 1-800-2SellHomes - Tulsa has been helping homeowners who needed to sell their unwanted homes. Since the business was founded, we have experienced all sorts of situations and have been able to find solutions even for the most difficult scenarios. Many sellers believe the home selling process will be difficult, however, we are here to show you that it doesn’t have to be. Selling does not need to waste your time, drain your wallet or cause you stress. When you work with us, you will experience a straightforward and stressfree way to sell your Tulsa area home.

No matter what you are facing, we can help. Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You are the landlord to a run-down property, or you feel like you are always stuck with bad tenants.
  • You have recently been through a divorce and would like to sell your house quickly and fairly
  • You need to move for work or school and do not want to try to tackle two mortgages
  • You want to sell your Tulsa house without the listing costs, commissions or agent fees
  • You missed a few payments and are now being threatened  with foreclosure
  • You need to upgrade or downsize a house that is no longer working for you
  • You own a vacant or uninhabitable house you aren’t sure what to do with
  • You own a house that has been damaged by water, fire or wind
  • You have liens or back taxes on the property that need to be cleared up
  • You inherited a house you do not wish to keep

We will provide a solution for you no matter what you are facing. No matter why you need to sell, we have the answer you have been waiting for! We will buy your house fast, eliminating the stress, cost, and hassle of a traditional sale. Now is the time to finally take care of a difficult situation that has been holding you back. Don’t get stuck in a listing agreement until you learn more about what a direct sale can mean for you! Many local homeowners are happy they did! 

Call us anytime! We are here to answer day or night! To get an offer, we only need the most basic property information. We will make an appointment to see your house right away, making you an offer within 24 hours of seeing it. You do not need to wait around for months, waiting for a buyer to come along. We are the buyer, and we are ready to help you today!

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